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In this series of blog posts, we are exploring the topic of why working with dedicated creative professionals like us matters to your business’s success. If you missed our post about logos, hop on over to our blog and check that entry out as well. This week we’ll be reviewing why using a professional photographer whenever you can is so important.

With the invention of the cell phone camera, more and more people are being introduced into the world of photography every single day. With apps like Instagram steering social media interactions between businesses & consumers, friends & family, and even complete strangers, photography has never had a more important role in marketing yourself or your brand to the world. But just because your new cell phone has a 12MP camera on it doesn’t mean that you’re able to capture images with the same level of consistency or detail as a photographer can using professional equipment.


The most noticeable difference between photos captured using a camera phone and photos captured using a professional grade DSLR or Mirrorless camera is how consistent, clear, and sharp the images captured are. Camera phones have come a long way but none of them stand up to a professional camera body in terms of the detail with which a shot can be composed. While using a cell phone to take photos is as easy as using an old point-and-shoot style camera, with that ease of use comes a host of limitations that have a direct impact on not only the quality of the image but also the story it’s able to tell. A professional photographer will spend time composing shots, using specific lenses to capture a photo and adjusting their settings to make sure no matter the subject, distance, or environment that your images come out tack sharp.


With a camera phone or point-and-shoot solution, you are capturing images that are compressed into a JPG format inside of the device you’re using which creates other limitations in addition to the issues with image quality. If you’re not a photography buff or don’t have any experience using software like Adobe Lightroom or Capture One, you might not be familiar with what goes on behind the scenes after a professional photographer captures your new headshots or office stock photos. Professional cameras capture images in what is referred to as RAW format. I shoot using a Sony A7RII body and the RAW images produced by this particular setup clock in at about 80MBs per image file captured. For comparison, your iPhone shoots images that end up being about 2MBs in file size. So why the massive difference? What information does that RAW file have that the JPG doesn’t?

To put it simply, that RAW file has a huge amount of data captured within it about all of the light in the scene from the professional grade sensor that helps a photographer manipulate that light after the shot has been taken. Your cell phone camera trades recording any of those minuscule details in favor of showing a more general view of the scene to keep the image file size smaller. And once it’s shot and saved into your phone, any of those minor details within the highlights or shadows of an image are lost. But with a RAW file, a photographer can use software to pull more details out of the shadows, brighten them up, manipulate the colors to appear more realistic or vibrant, soften highlights or glare, and make sure that every single detail about an image that is important is not only there to work with, but represented in a way that helps tell that image’s story as best it can.


At the end of the day, this is what matters most about using a professional photographer to capture your images rather than trying to do it yourself. The photographer you choose to work with should know how to shoot and post-process your images to make sure they tell your story in as detailed, polished and bold a format as possible. It has been proven that sharper, brighter, more vibrant imagery gets more engagement on social media and in advertising. So why limit yourself or your business using a camera phone to capture photos when a professional photographer can help you produce imagery that will ensure your audience spends time admiring the details? It may cost more than pulling your cell phone out and snapping a couple of pictures at the company Christmas party. But at the end of the day, you’ll have images to share that tell your story as boldly as how you do business.


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